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Acacia Outreach Ministries

A Non-Denominational Church Chartered Under The Celtic Cross Fondation of Ministry


  Law Enforcement is the Nation's leading occupation in terms of stress related difficulties and illnesses. Many officers feel they have nowhere to turn. Some turn to alcohol and social isolation. Others are often faced with suicide. The divorce rate of the Law Enforcement community is two to three that of other occupations. These men and women put it on the line day in and day out. They say calm and in control in the face of tragedies, violence, danger and death. Some are require to end another human life in the line of duty. All these factors take a great toll upon those who are sworn to protect and serve thier communites. Police officers need someone who understands the job; someone that they can turn to in times of personal crisis. That is why Chaplain Jeff is specifically trained in the area of police chaplaincy and offers his help to any and all law enforcement officers, employees and their families.
    Chaplain Jeff has a deeply strong connection with our Nation's fighting men and women. Chaplain Jeff is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and disabled veteran. He is a very patriotic and loyal American. As such, it hurts his heart to think that there are American men and women warrior/heroes laying in hospital beds with nobody to hold their hand and offer a kind word of encouragement. Many patients need someone to shop for them. They may need items that are not available on the Hospital grounds. Patients often need help getting their legal matters in order or notary services. Families of patients may need transportation or help with living arrangements. They all need a friendly face to keep them company. It is the ministry of Acacia Outreach Church to help these brave men and women so they may focus on the hard work of healing and getting on with their lives. Just knowing that we can make such huge difference in someone's life, brings great joy.

What Law Enforcement Chaplains Do...

  Chaplain Jeff is an Affiliate Member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). The following is a list of just some of the things chaplains do for a Law Enforcement agency and the community they encounter.

International Conference of Police Chaplains seek to maintain professionalism in law enforcement chaplaincy.

What Law Enforcement Chaplains Do...

  • Counsel members of the local law enforcement community, sworn and non-sworn
  • Counsel officers in areas such as Stress Management, Post Shooting, Burn-Out
  • Serve as part of a department's Crisis Response Team
  • Assist the department in making death notifications
  • Assist at suicide incidents
  • Provide guidance should a Line Of Duty Death occur within the department or community.
  • Provide assistance to victims
  • Counsel with the families of law enforcement officers
  • Counsel with other members of a department and families
  • Visit sick or injured officers and departmental personnel in homes and hospitals
  • Offer prayer at special occasions such as recruit graduations, awards ceremonies, dedication of buildings, retirement ceremonies.
  • Serve as liaison with other clergy in the community
  • Serve on review boards, award boards, and other committees
  • Assist with transients and the homeless
  • Provide for the spiritual needs of prisoners as request



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