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Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes

Posted by Chaplain Jeff Lucas on August 22, 2013 at 12:00 PM



Being the Illustrious Social Media Inept that I am, it was no mystery to me that my birthday was splashed far and wide throughout the "digisphere." Anyone who knows me, even a little, is familiar with how cheeky I can be. Almost no subject is off limits to my so called sense of humor; including my birthday. This year, like any other, the visibility of my birthday was amplified by my self-deprecation and feeble attempts to gather twenty dollar bills.

I was amazed at the number of birthday kindnesses tendered to me from all over the world. So many in fact, that if I were to respond to each kindness, I would be busy for weeks. In grateful attempt to ensure no kind wish goes unpunished, I have decided that a mildly syndicated blog post would be in order. It is my hope that all who were kind enough to think of me this year, will receive my dearest gratitude and wishes for God's blessing upon them and their dear ones.

This year has been one of reflection. For some odd reason, of which I do not know, forty-nine has been an age of some trepidation. As I peered into my past through the murkiness of my prodigal seasons and the haze of post-traumatic stress disorder, I sought out to make some accounting of my life. There is much of which to be both grateful and proud in these past forty-nine years. I have an incredible wife and three quite young boys. I spent twenty-six years serving the noble purpose supporting and defending our Grand Republic as an active duty Airman, civilian contract employee, and Civil Service Certified Occupational Master Instructor. While I stumbled into times of distance from God, I look back with fondness the honor of serving the Lord in many capacities.

In late 2009, I had to make the crushing decision to medically retire from Civil Service. It seemed as though all I was meant to do in life had come to a screeching halt. I then came to recall a time in my teen years when God put a burden on my heart to serve Him. The desire was great, but at the age of seventeen, I had no idea of ways to enter the ministry. We had no money for me to go to Azusa Pacific University and all my financial aid had been denied. It was time for Plan B; join the Air Force. It was then that I began my thirty year journey to the present. I now feel the calling more than ever. But, this time God has refined His vision in my heart.

So, here’s to another year of focus on God, family, and ministry. Thank you to all two-hundred some odd of you that thought enough to take a moment out of your time to make me smile by wishing me a happy birthday.

God bless you and be safe.

Chaplain Jeff


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