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10 Reasons To Download The Acacia Outreach Ministries Toolbar

Posted by Chaplain Jeff Lucas on November 19, 2012 at 7:05 PM

Since retiring, I have started a ministry. I know that makes many of you laugh. But, you can think of me as the irreverent reverend if that helps. One thing all ministries need is money. I have found a way to earn money for the ministry with out costing anyone any more money than they are going to spend anyway. It only costs you 5 minutes of your time to install the Acacia Outreach Church Search Toolbar. There is no bad code. The searches are family filtered. Once installed, all you have to do is search through the Toolbar instead of the other search tools in your browser. If you do, you will probably use this at least once a day. One you get your search results, you will see "sponsored results". Every time you select a sponsored result that is relevant to helping you in your search, Acacia Outreach Ministries gets a nickle. Just my searches alone have earned three dollars in the last week and a half.


If you select the "SHOP" button on the toolbar, it will take you to the Acacia Outreach Church Online Mall. There are over 15,000 vendors in this mall and most of the places you shop are included. These stores offer rebates. WalMart gave me a 3% rebate on the tires I just bought. I will get a $17.55 rebate just for shopping in the online mall instead of the store website or store. Some vendors offer much larger rebates.


So, its a win-win deal. Acacia Outreach Church gets money on clicks and rebates from your purchases on items you buy in the online mall... items you would buy anyway... everyday items. You get convenience and great savins and coupon codes that save you even more money. And the best part... I won't have to ask people for money. Please download and use our tool bar you get savings and I get my ministry funded. And if you spread the word; that's more people clicking and saving.




Here are some helpful tips on ways to utilize the toolbar while saving time and money.




1. Search for Discounts to buy online-- you can save literally thousands of dollars a year by taking time to use online searches. Not only can you can save yourself significant time on shopping for your purchases, you can also save money on purchases of items from textbooks to cars.




2. Search to research products -- make sure you buy what you really want by researching first. Sometimes that deal that looks great can be misleading. Use consumer reports to determine if the product you are purchasing is all that it appears to be.




3. Save sales tax -- you can usually save the sales tax by buying online, which may outweigh the cost of shipping. While most online purchases are subject to shipping charges, many States have high sales tax rates that more than offset the shipping charges. Additionally, online retailers frequently offer shipping specials.




4. Prepare for vacations. Considering a family vacation to the beach? Research your vacation destination to ensure that your family has a memorable vacation experience.




5. Save gas. Why drive around town? Find out who has what before you leave home.




6. Research school work. The Internet has unparalleled learning resources. Help your kids learn to utilize the Internet while studying English, Biology or History.




7. Research your health questions. Use your toolbar to research medicines, diets, nutritional supplements, exercise plans or athletic training.




8. Research stocks and investments. You can use an Internet broker such as E*TRADE that allows you to place your market orders online and the website itself is the broker. Internet brokers usually charge a much smaller commission than anyone else.




9. Look up recipes and plan meals. A cookbook can only hold so many recipes. You can find thousands of recipes on a single website without spending a dime!




10. Get home-improvement tips so you can save money by doing it yourself. You can find creative tips from leading home improvement authorities through Internet searches.

You can get the toolbar at http://acaciaoutreachministries.ourtoolbar.com

Chaplain Jeff

P.S. If you, your church, or non-profit that you are passionate about are interested in learning more about getting a Search Toolbar and Online Shopping Mall, don't hesitate to ask me. You can also go to http://ourgv.org/aom to get more detailed information and watch the video presentation.

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