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How can Christian Blogging Impact My Life and Others?

Posted by Chaplain Jeff Lucas on May 14, 2012 at 1:05 AM

With the explosion of blogging across internet today people blog for different reasons, as the trend continues to grow we are seeing more and more Christian blogs and people who classify themselves as Christian bloggers. Why would one become a Christian blogger or focus just on Christian blogging?
Christian blogging or reading a Christian blog can affect the life of those who write it and those who read it as well. Someone who begins a Christian blog does so with a purpose. That purpose being to spread the word of the Lord. This will impact their life far beyond just words on a page. God will speak through them and guide them not only in the development in their blog but with everything they do in their daily existence. Writing a Christian blog is more than just writing a blog geared towards the values of God, it's a heartfelt ministry. Christians are called by the Lord to begin this ministry as per His will. Being so chosen by God to spread His word will change and impact everything they now do in their daily existence. They will now have a closer relationship and they will lead their life according to His purpose, things will never be quite the same.
As you can see beginning a Christian blog is truly an act of love and devotion, but what impact does it have to those who choose to read it? Because of the fact that the Christian blog is a blog full of words spoken from God, it has the distinct possibility to speak to those who read it as well. The only prerequisite is that the reader must have an open heart. The Lord is capable of effecting the lives who those who seek Him, even through something as simple as a blog. The Lord can show them that to follow His word and His teachings will change their lives in more ways that they can possibly imagine. All this can be achieved through an online weblog, more than possible if you have faith and believe in the Lord's blessings.
A believer who pens a Christian blog and those who are open enough to read it can truly have their lives impacted and changed through the Lord's strength and love. Not just a simple journal but a journal that can bring both the reader and the writer closer to the one who loves us the most.

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