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Acacia Outreach Ministries

A Non-Denominational Church Chartered Under The Celtic Cross Fondation of Ministry

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Who Are We?

  Acacia Outreach Ministries began its formation in December of 2009. Acacia Outreach Ministries founder and Chaplain is William "Jeff" Lucas.  Jeff lived in a Christian home his entire life. He became a Christian at the age of 15 shortly after the death of his father in 1980. In an attempt to resolve his grief and loss, Jeff sought counsel in his church where his youth pastor taught and trained him in the ways of God. During that time, he gave his life to Christ. He continued to serve the church in some way or another until his entry into the United States Air Force in March of 1983.

  During his adult life, Jeff has had extensive training in personal and occupational counseling, resource referral, formal and informal education, crisis response and management. He does not consider himself a theologian or seminarian. Jeff has been moved by the Holy Spirit to serve those who might otherwise not get his help. As a 21 1/2 year veteran of the United States Air Force, Jeff's experiences enable him to identify and relate to the stresses and needs of Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and EMS Professionals.


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