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What makes a successful Christian Marriage?

Posted by Chaplain Jeff Lucas on May 21, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Any marriage Christian or otherwise takes work to be a success. A marriage that is a Christian based has many elements that can help in dealing with some rough patches along the way. By incorporating these things into the marriage can make a big difference in the success or failure of it. Many Christians know that without them they could not classify their marriage as successful.
The most common and most obvious would be the mutual love and admiration for the Lord. Both participants in the marriage have a strong love and devotion for God. This brings them together not only on a physical and emotionally level but on a spiritual level as well. They are both confident that the Lord will guide them through the rough times and celebrate with them during the good times. Together they spend time in prayer, in church and in sharing their devotion with others. This helps them grow stronger as a married couple as well.
Another important factor in a successful Christian Marriage is that of forgiveness and trust. Each understand that the other is not perfect and will make mistakes. They know that perfection only lies in God, not in man. This allows them to look beyond each other's faults and mistakes and have forgiveness for each other. Though it may seem to be a difficult task at times, to have forgiveness for each other, each will be given the strength from God to make that possible. They will trust in each other that forgiveness is what the Lord wants them to do and they will become even closer as a married couple.
Finally and most importantly, a successful Christian Marriage is one based on pure and faithful love for each other. A successful Christian Marriage oozes pure love for one another. A kind of love that does not judge, does not falter, is simple yet powerful. A kind of love that many people think can only be found in romance novels is abounding in a successful Christian Marriage.
Many marriages are successful, many are not. Having your marriage based on a Christian foundation can increase the chances of it being successful and long lasting by leaps and bounds. Again, as we know marriage is not easy but incorporating Christian principles on a regular basis can make those difficult times become much easier.

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